Puja Dasari
Chief Curiosity Officer

She is an educator with 20+ years of experience building, managing and scaling STEAM programs for educational institutions, museums and summer camps.  Puja has built experiences for Museums such as The Tech Museum of Innovation and the California Academy of Sciences. She also worked with Galileo Learning for 7 years, building their middle school camp experiences and helping the company scale everything middle school.  Her favorite question is “how can we solve that?”

D. Dasari
Webmaster, Chief Curator of Playlists

He is a web developer with 20+ years developing and managing online experiences for non-profits and start ups.  He is also a music fiend who has a talent of setting the mood through music for any experience.


Meet Belle.  She’s a 1999 Bluebird Mini-Bird.  Originally a school bus in Portland oregon, she made her way to Washington State (where Puja is from) before landing here in Alameda California.  In 2018, she underwent extensive remodeling to convert her into what she is today--a makerspace on wheels ready to inspire the masses to imagine and tinker.  

Tinker Bus

Oona Gilles-Weil & Mitchell Zaninelli were the founders of Tinker Bus in 2018. Combining her background in education and his in construction they created the concept and the physical classroom that is now Tinker Bus. Puja purchased Belle in 2019 and couldn’t be happier to continue and expand Oona’s vision.